Driving Sustainable Business

We believe that developing your growth strategy using the lens of the market’s unmet, hidden, and potential needs can open new paths to growth.

    We work with leaders at both the strategic and operational levels, and our innovation project management services are divided into 3 levels, which range from short-term to long-term approaches to business growth:

    Business, Product innovation, and Design Sprint Projects are all crucial components of a company’s strategy to stay competitive, innovative, and responsive to market needs. However, the scope, duration, and specific challenges each type of project addresses can vary significantly. Let’s delve deeper into the specific business questions or challenges each project type addresses.

    We offer a comprehensive suite of over 100 customized and digitalized tools for Design Thinking and Innovation Management, tailored specifically for various project stages. These tools are designed to help your teams Determine Challenges, Discover Insights, Define Root Causes, Develop Innovative Ideas, Deliver Effective Solutions, and Drive Rewarding Change. This strategic toolkit is engineered to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency across all phases of your projects.

    Design Sprint Mini-Innovation Projects (1 to 8 weeks)
    (1) How can we rapidly prototype and test a new feature idea?
    (2) What is the best solution to a specific user experience problem we’ve identified?
    (3) How can we validate whether a new product idea would be accepted by our customers?

    Product Innovation Projects (3 to 6 months)
    (1) How can we develop a new product that meets unmet customer needs or market gaps?
    (2) What features can be added to our product to enhance its market value?
    (3) What technological advancements can we leverage to improve our product?

    Business Transformation Projects (1 to 2 years)
    (1) How can we transform our business model to exploit new technologies or trends?
    (2) How can we restructure our organization to better align with market demands?
    (3) What operational changes are needed to improve efficiency and productivity?

    Track Record of Our Business (or Digital) Transformation Projects

    In the past 7 years, we co-created measurable business results (revenue growth, profit margin, customer acquisition & retention rate) with hundreds of Hong Kong enterprises and organizations in aviationbankinginsurancehospitality, retailmanufacturingpublic service, and urban development sectors. We leave them with an innovation management system, co-creative working culture, and capable employees to continue to grow over the long haul.