Hong Kong’s premier course on Empowering Your Creativity and Innovation Power was successfully conducted on March 29, 2024. Distinguished experts in the field facilitated the session: Mr. Jeroen van der Weide, Mr. Daryl Lim, and Mr. David Chung.

This intensive training was aimed at bolstering the creative capabilities of our participants. This course provided an in-depth exploration of the fundamental attitudes and skills necessary for enhancing creativity in professional settings. Key learnings from the session included:

  • Two Major Attitudes + Three Key Skills to Empower Your Creativity:
    Participants delved into the significance of adopting the right mindset for creativity, which involves openness to new experiences and a willingness to take risks. Furthermore, they were trained in three essential skills that support creative thinking, including associative thinking, questioning norms, and applying an iterative approach to idea development.
  • The Most Powerful and Effective Brainstorming Model:
    The course highlighted a structured model for brainstorming that maximizes creative output. Attendees were taught how to set up and navigate through this model to generate innovative ideas effectively.
  • Six Divergent & Convergent Brainstorming Techniques:
    The facilitators introduced six distinct techniques for both divergent and convergent thinking, enabling participants to expand their ideation process and then narrow down to the best ideas for further development.

In addition, Participants were equipped with practical tools to enhance their brainstorming sessions:

  • The Most Effective Brainstorming Process, Including Roles and Rules:
    Clear guidelines for conducting brainstorming sessions were shared, detailing various roles participants can adopt and rules to follow that foster a productive and inclusive environment for idea generation.
  • How to Come Up With Lots of Powerful Ideas in a Short Time:
    Time-bound ideation strategies were taught to help participants efficiently produce a high volume of ideas, harnessing the collective creativity of the group within a limited timeframe.
  • How to Select and Enrich Potential Strong Concepts:
    Finally, the course provided methodologies for filtering and refining the generated ideas, transforming them into viable and potent concepts ready for implementation.

By the end of the course, participants had not only internalized the theoretical aspects of creative empowerment but had also practiced applying these principles through interactive exercises. With a new set of brainstorming tools and techniques at their disposal, they are now better prepared to drive innovation and creative problem-solving within their respective organizations.