Businesses are embracing design thinking because it helps them be more innovative, better differentiate their brands, and bring their products and services to market faster.

Non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations are beginning to use design thinking as well to develop better solutions to social problems. Design thinking crosses the traditional boundaries between public, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors. Below are four recognized video-based case sharing about Design Thinking for Social Service Innovations.

The Senior Partner of InnoEdge, Mr. David Chung and Principal Consultants of InnoEdge, Mr. Jimmy Wan, were invited by the School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE) of City University of Hong Kong to share four recognized cases about “Design Thinking for Social Service Innovations” on 2 July, 2021.

Case 1: The Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers in Hong Kong 

Case 2: Saving the Life of Preterm Babies in the Third World Countries 

Case 3: Helping Elderly Revive Their Old Memories

Case 4: Creating a WOW Medical Experience for Children