Business Challenges for Strategic Executives

Changing company culture to promote innovation is not an easy task. “Transformational change initiatives have a dismal track record”: nearly 70% of change programs do not achieve their goals. Companies seek to proactively drive game-changing breakthroughs, but 41% of CEOs see culture as one of the biggest constraints on business innovation across companies (After Financial Resources, 1st Rank, 43% of CEOs).
Effective people change management increases the likelihood of innovation programs/projects being successful. If strategic HR and operations can increase talented individuals’ change readiness and minimize their shortcomings, the success rate of strategic innovation initiatives may rise by 40%.
The Innovation-driven Culture Transformation (ICT) program combines an employee-centric experiential approach via accelerated learning and simulation. As feedback is immediate, the leaders of your small team can easily determine what they need to work on and how to reinforce team members’ positive behavioral change in their operational environment.
Program Objectives:
  • Quantitatively assess the innovation culture and identify gaps in team competence
  • Identify innovative perspectives on people change management issues
  • Understand the roles of various stakeholders involved in and impacted by innovation
  • Select practical ways of minimizing resistance to innovation
  • Recognize the value of encouraging employees to embrace innovation
  • Build a competence team (facilitators and members) ready to sustain the company’s innovative projects
  • Use effective tools to manage company culture change for business innovation

Program Benefits:

  • More rapid response to demand for innovation
  • Increased return on investment of innovation
  • Construction of proactive change culture promoting company innovation
  • Encouragement of loyalty to organization
  • Reduced possibility of unsuccessful change
  • Improved cooperation, collaboration and communication
  • Maintenance of efficiency by acknowledging staff concerns
  • Opportunities created for team leaders’ professional development

Program Contents:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Human-Centered Business Analysis
  • People Change Management

Program Features:

  • Simulation
  • Assessment
  • In-house Facilitator
  • Reinforcement
  • Certification
  • Management Reports


This innovative program is aligned with the globally recognized Change Management Body of Knowledge program and accompanying Change Management Certification Exam. This certification is issued by APMG, a global accreditation and examination institute with a 10-year history, whose exams have been taken in more than 130 countries around the world. Therefore, companies can rely on the program to certify and assist in the retention of change agents with great potential to lead future company change.