The Senior Partner of InnoEdge Consulting, Mr. David Chung, was invited by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and Ampower Talent Institute to conduct a 1-hour webinar of Career Transformations through Design Thinking at 11:30am on 24 July 2021.

Case Studies (1)

Topic: How Jane Chan saved millions of preterm babies in third-world countries (Jane Chan: 拯救數百萬名第三世界國家的早產嬰兒)

Language: 粵語

Duration: 14 minutes

Case Studies (2)

Topic: How Joe Gebbia created an innovative sharing economy model for the hospitality industry (Joe Gebbia: 為酒店業打造創新的共享經濟模式)

Language: 粵語

Duration: 7 minutes

Case Studies (3)

Topic: How Hillary Yip Developed an online educational platform for HK’s Kids (Hillary Yip: 為香港的兒童開發線上教育平台)

Language: 粵語

Duration: 5 minutes