Hong Kong’s first class on Integrating Design Thinking with Artificial Intelligence (AI) was successfully conducted on March 25, 2024. Distinguished experts in the field facilitated the session: Mr. Jeroen van der Weide, Mr. Daryl Lim, and Mr. David Chung.

During this innovative course, participants were led through a comprehensive program designed to uncover the synergistic potential of combining design thinking with artificial intelligence. The facilitators provided insights on how AI can serve as a catalyst within the design thinking process, enhancing the scope and depth of creative solutions.

The curriculum focused on:

  • Unveiling the collaborative force between design thinking approaches and AI advancements.
  • Investigating how AI tools can amplify each stage of the design thinking framework, from empathy to testing.
  • Facilitating hands-on activities that integrated the principles of design thinking with cutting-edge AI technologies.

In a practical application of theory, the participants employed advanced AI tools such as ChatGPT, DELL-E, and Stormz under the guidance of the facilitators. These tools played a crucial role in formulating strategies to tackle complex business problems, providing a tangible experience of how AI can be harnessed to elevate the design thinking process.

The course concluded with participants gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamic interplay between human-centric design methodologies and AI’s analytical prowess. This fusion of disciplines is poised to propel industry professionals toward achieving groundbreaking innovations and solutions.