InnoEdge Consulting (InnoEdge) and DesignThinkers Academy Singapore (DTA Singapore) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration in business applications of Design Thinking method in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. The signing ceremony was held on 28 May of 2019 in Hong Kong.

“InnoEdge and DTA Singapore both see significant opportunities from the rapidly transforming retail, financial, hospitality and manufacturing industries in Hong Kong and beyond. Our collaboration with DTA Singapore will accelerate complementary initiatives in innovative product, service & business model development” – Inno Man (Co-Founder, InnoEdge Consulting)

“It is with great pleasure that we can work together to drive workplace transformations together with InnoEdge, who is a well established advocate of design thinking in China and Hong Kong. We look forward to creating new value propositions together with the team through more research, events, workshops, lectures and more conversations. Let’s learn from each other by doing more together.” – Wayne Ho (Co-Founder, DesignThinkers Academy Singapore)

The co-operation under the MoU will come in different forms, such as business researches, regional conferences, publications, innovative leader development among others. 

About InnoEdge Consulting

InnoEdge is an innovation consulting firm specializing in the assessment, planning and execution of enterprise transformation. The theme of our professional services is based on Design Thinking method and international innovation management standard PD CEN/TS 16555. As your innovation partner, our goal is “Driving Transformations, Delivering Results.”

About DesignThinkers Academy Singapore

DesignThinkers Academy was initiated by the Founders of DesignThinkers Group. It is one of the leading design driven innovation agencies helping organisations around the world making the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven, towards being service oriented and human centered. It is represented in 25 countries to train, develop and facilitate multidisciplinary teams and communities of change.

DesignThinkers Academy aims to inspire people and teams by organizing thought-provoking events and lectures, training and personal coaching programs to help organizations build the necessary capabilities, culture and mind-set using Design Thinking tools and methods. Our aim with the DesignThinkers Academy Network is to create an open network to facilitate and inspire a rich conversation between creative thinkers and doers. We strive for a learning community that has a positive impact on people’s lives, careers and our ever-changing world.

More Information

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(from left) Mr. Inno Man, Co-founder and Head of China of InnoEdge; Mr. David Chung, Co-Founder and CEO of InnoEdge; Mr. Daryl Lim, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Academy Singapore; Mr. Wayne Ho, Co-Founder of DesignThinkers Academy Singapore

The MoU signing ceremony was witnessed by representatives from both DTA Singapore and InnoEdge.