The Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) – InnoEdge training workshop of Beyond Digital Transformation-Design Thinking for SMART Retail will be held on 23 Nov 2022. The Managing Partner of InnoEdge Consulting, Mr. David Chung, will lead the course with the InnoEdge Design Thinking training force. 

This programme design has adopted the Learning-by-Doing Approach helping retail practitioners/participants build working confidence and use the design thinking technique to go beyond the routines of digital transformation in retail.

This 4-hour handy programme series will be delivered in 2 sessions. The participants will experience the practical process of learning the design thinking skills for their working position in retail through the methodologies of mini-lecture, case study sharing, tool practice exercises, and self-learning reflection.  

Date and time: 23 Nov, 2022 | Zoom

Target Participant: Middle to the upper management level of retailers

Language: English materials with Cantonese Presentations

Workshop Fee: (Member) HKD$ 1,500 for 2 lessons 

Online Registration:

Each participant will be granted a “Certificate of Attendance for 4-hour Training on Design Thinking for SMART Retail” upon completing the 4-hour programme.