The DesignThinkers Academy (DTA) China and OpenCertHub have formed a strategic partnership to co-develop the First-ever Blockchain Certification of DTA training programs in China and Hong Kong.

The partnership announcement ceremony was held on 20 January 2022. Dr. CHARM Toa, Chairman of OpenCertHub, and Tim Schuurman, Co-Owner of DesignThinkers Academy Global shared their vision of the partnership in China and global perspectives.

Andy Kwok, CEO of OpenCertHub, and DAVID Chung Tai-Wai, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of DTA China presented the advantages of blockchain certification for Design Thinkers in China.

Through the partnership with OpenCertHub in the blockchain certification solution, the coming DTA China certificates for Design Thinkers will be issued with blockchain technology via OpenCertHub’s platform. The data is digitized and a digital identity is assigned to each certificate. The blockchain certification creates an immutable transaction, secure and highly transparent features which are riding the wave of digital transformation. The Designer Thinkers can also share their DTA badges awarded to social media.

About DesignThinkers Academy China

DesignThinkers Academy (DTA) is one of the global leading Design Thinking (DT) training institutes. It represents 25 countries and has developed over 75,000 Design Thinkers for hundreds of top-notch companies. DTA China aims to provide a world-class innovation model with localized practices. Innoedge Consulting Limited is the major shareholder of DesignThinkers China Limited.

About OpenCertHub

OpenCertHub (OCH) is an organization with the vision and passion for democratizing data literacy to everyone via the self-developed role-based certification framework. The head office is based in Hong Kong and the China team is located in Shanghai. OCH developed her own assessment and certification platform to support the online examination and blockchain certification. With its continuous contribution to nurturing data talents in the market, OCH has won several industry awards in Greater China’s region since 2019.