The survey announcement day of “Insights for Innovation Management of Hong Kong Enterprises 2019” was held at 4:00pm at KK202, K.K. Leung Building of the University of Hong Kong on 4 January of 2019.

Below is the agenda of the event:

Below are selected photos of the event:

The opening speech was conducted by Dr. Victor Lo, Honorary Lecturer, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, The University of Hong Kong

The sharing of “A systematic approach to managing Innovation” was conducted by Ms. Miranda Kwan, Director, Certification and Business Enhancement of SGS Hong Kong Limited

The session of “Summary of survey results” was conducted by Mr. David Chung, Senior Partner of InnoEdge Consulting

The Q&A Session were managed by Dr. Victor Lo,  Dr. H.H. Cheung, Ms. Miranda Kwan and Mr. David Chung, Senior Partner of InnoEdge Consulting

Below are the featured articles of the media, professional organizations and business partners:
(1) A featured report of “港企求變, 創新管理從機制入手” of Hong Kong Economic Times newspaper (香港經濟日報) on 11 January of 2019

Paper Edition

Online Edition:

(2) A featured article of the section “營銷睿智” of Sing Tao Daily on 25 January of 2019

(3) A featured articles about《香港企業創新管理展望2019》調查結果發佈 of SGS Hong Kong on 22 January of 2019

(4) A featured report of “Insights for Innovation Management of HK Enterprises 2019 – Survey Announcement Day” of Quality Alchemist on 5 January of 2019

Below are selected information of the summary of survey results:

For inquiries of the survey results, please contact the Business Research Department of InnoEdge at +852 2235 9027