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Part 1: About this course

This course is one of the most popular courses of the DesignThinkers Academy Global Curriculum 2024.

Course Overview

In an era where customer experience can make or break a business, “Creating Wonderful User Experience through Customer Journey Design” offers a comprehensive dive into the methodologies that will set industry leaders apart. This course is not just about understanding the customer journey—it’s about redefining it.

Participants will engage in interactive sessions that cover the full spectrum of customer journey mapping, from theoretical underpinnings to practical applications. Through a blend of lectures, workshops, and real-world case studies, attendees will learn to visualize the entire customer experience, pinpoint critical touchpoints, and leverage these insights to facilitate meaningful connections with their customer base.

Course Level

This course delivers foundational knowledge, encompassing practical techniques, tools, and case studies that are critical for addressing the complexities of business challenges.

Part 2: Targeted Participants

  • Business Managers who need to enhance customer loyalty, engagement and experiences
  • Leaders who need to develop meaningful customer or employee experiences
  • Operation Managers who need to understand the unmet, hidden and potential needs of their customers

Part 3: Objectives, Techniques with Tools and Learning Materials

Major Objectives

  • Define major considerations for customer journey mapping.
  • Gain and measure insights through journey mapping.
  • Identify tension points to evaluate value for reframing.

Techniques and tools

  • Customer Journey Mapping Tool
  • Insights Measurement tool

Learning Materials

  • Lecture Notes
  • Tool Guide
  • Case Studies

Part 4: Course Leaders

Mr. David Chung 

Dean, DesignThinkers Academy Hong Kong

Cantonese Speaker

Part 05: Inquiry or Registration

Inquiry: +852 2235 9027 | cs@innoedge.com.hk

Class Size: 30 seats (physical training mode)

Languages: Cantonese Presentation with English materials

Date: 29 April 2024 (Monday)

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (Four-hour with One 15-minute break)

Venue: Kuwn Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tuition Fees:

For Individual Learners

Super Early Bird Discount: HK$ 1,500 (By 8 April 2024)

Early Bird Discount: HK$ 1,650 (By 22 April 2024)

Standard: HK$1,750

For Team or Organization based Learners

Super Early Bird Discount: HK$ 5,500 for 4 enrollments for the DTA 2024 Training Course Series (By 8 April 2024)

Early Bird Discount: HK$ 6,000 for 4 enrollments for the DTA 2024 Training Course Series (By 22 April 2024)

Standard: HK$ 6,500 for 4 enrollments for the DTA 2024 Training Course Series

Part 06: Our Proven Track Record in Hong Hong and Globe

The previous class was conducted on 28 March 2024. For details, please click here

Over 50 public and 500 in-house classes of Design Thinking training courses were conducted in Hong Kong

DesignThinkers Academy is the largest global training institution for Design Thinking, with branches in 25 countries and cities worldwide. We have successfully assisted globally renowned corporations in advancing business innovation and transformation, training innovative talents, and establishing a culture of creativity. Our clientele includes Coca-Cola, ING Group, Mastercard, L’Oréal, Cartier, the Red Cross, and the Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Inquiry: +852 2235 9027 | cs@innoedge.com.hk