Congratulations to our graduates from the DTA-DFC Design Thinking – FIDS in Education Course!

Over the course of two intensive days on August 11th and 12th, 2023, these dedicated learners (such as school principals, teachers and educators) dove into the world of design thinking, forging new paths in education. This remarkable journey began in Hong Kong, a city always at the forefront of innovation.

This groundbreaking course was beautifully kicked off by two Global Design Thinking leaders – Ms. Kiran Bir Sethi, the Founder of Design For Change Global, and Mr. Tim Schuurman, the Co-Owner of DesignThinkers Academy Global. Their insights set the stage for an unforgettable learning experience.

Guiding our participants on their educational journey were our esteemed instructors: Mr. DAVID Chung Tai-Wai, Co-Founder of DesignThinkers Academy China and Hong Kong, Mr. Jeffrey Ip (葉文謙), Founder of Design For Change Hong Kong, and Ms. Tiffany Liu, Certified Design Thinking Facilitator. Their wisdom, passion, and guidance were invaluable.

We’re incredibly proud of our graduates and are excited to see how they’ll use their newfound knowledge to drive change and innovation in education systems around the world.

Here’s to the first of many more cohorts to come. The future of education looks brighter with you in it!

About DesignThinkers Academy

DesignThinkers Academy (DTA) is a leading global Design Thinking (DT) training institute. It represents 25 countries and has developed over 75,000 Design Thinkers for hundreds of top-notch companies. DTA Hong Kong aims to provide a world-class innovation model with localized practices. InnoEdge operates the training services of DesignThinkers Academy in Hong Kong and China region.

About Design for Change

Design for Change is the largest movement of change – by and for children. The movement is spearheaded by a global network of passionate community leaders, social entrepreneurs, designers and educators who are committed to nurturing the I CAN belief in all children. Using our simple and proven framework of ‘Feel, Imagine, Do, Share’ ( FIDS ), children around the world are empowered with the skills to design a more desirable and sustainable future – Today!