As we commemorate the 4-year anniversary of DesignThinkers Academy’s (DTA) Design Thinking Fundamentals Course in Hong Kong, we reflect on the remarkable journey, milestones achieved, and the transformative impact we’ve made.

From our first class on August 15, 2019, we’ve grown and evolved in ways that have exceeded our expectations. What started as a single course has become a comprehensive suite of five courses, ranging from Design Thinkers to Design Thinking Facilitator and Design-Driven Change Leader. We’ve graduated more than a thousand participants from our internationally accredited training programs, cultivating a vibrant community of Design Thinkers armed with a human-centered mindset, empathy, the spirit of co-creation, and an iterative approach.

We have also seen the evolution of our teaching models—from traditional Design Thinking execution models to a more refined, Data-Driven Design Thinking model. This blend of design thinking and data analysis equips our participants with a unique set of skills that enables them to drive innovation in a more informed and impactful way.

The success stories of our graduates, applying their acquired skills to create meaningful changes and drive innovation across industries, serve as a testament to the power and relevance of design thinking. This fuels our commitment to continue providing top-tier design thinking education.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all our students, trainers, partners, and the DTA Global Head Office and Asia Regional Office. Your enthusiasm, dedication, shared vision, and unwavering support have been instrumental in reaching this milestone.

Looking forward, we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our Design Thinking Fundamentals Course in China. With a goal to train over 10,000 Design Thinkers in the next four years, we’re excited about the wider impact and the future of design thinking.

As we continue our journey, we pledge to keep evolving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in design thinking education. We look forward to cultivating even more problem-solvers, creative innovators, and change leaders.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to a future where design thinking serves as not just a tool but a way of life.


主題: 慶祝 DTA 的設計思維培訓在香港燦爛的四年

當我們紀念 設計思維國際學院 (DesignThinkers Academy, 簡稱 DTA)在香港舉辦的設計思維基礎課程(Design Thinking Fundamentals Course)四周年時,我們回顧了這條驚人的旅程,我們所達成的里程碑,以及我們所做出的變革性影響。

自從我們在2019年8月15日舉辦的第一堂課以來,我們以超出我們期望的方式成長和演進。最初只是一個課程,現在已經成長為五個全面的課程,範圍從設計思維執行師 (Design Thinking Partitioner) 到設計思考輔引者(Design Thinking Facilitator),和設計驅動變革領導者(Design-Driven Change Leader)。我們已經有過千名來自我們國際認證的培訓課程的學員畢業,培養了一個充滿活力的設計思考者社區,他們具有以人為本的思維方式,同理心,共創的精神,和迭代的方法。

我們也看到了我們教學模型的演變—從傳統的設計思維實施模型,到更為精煉的,數據驅動的設計思維模型(Data-Driven Design Thinking Execution Model)。這種設計思維和數據分析的融合,為我們的學員提供了一套獨特的技能,使他們能以更有見識和有影響力的方式驅動創新。我們的畢業生的成功故事,他們將所學的技能用於創造有意義的變革和驅動各行業的創新,證明了設計思維的力量和相關性。這激勵我們繼續提供頂級的設計思維教育。

我們要對我們所有的學員,導師,合作夥伴,以及 DTA 全球總部和亞洲區域辦公室表達我們最深的感謝。您的熱情,奉獻,共享的視野,和大力支持,對我們達到這個里程碑起到了關鍵的作用。展望未來,我們很高興宣布我們的設計思維課程即將在中國推出。我們的目標是在未來四年內培訓超過萬名設計思維執行師,我們對更廣泛的影響和設計思維的未來感到興奮。