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Course Aim

Helping the business professional to enhance the customer engagement level of their products, services, and marketing campaigns

Course Overview

This interactive course will equip you with the Design Thinking mindset, tools, and skills to kick-start bold innovation. You will be working on a highly interactive learning journey, followed by group work on a challenge under the guidance of our skilled facilitators. We strongly believe in learning by doing. After the course, you will be able to apply Design Thinking (DT) right away.

During a 2-day highly interactive learning journey, you will meet with your fellow participants and coaches. You will work in co-creation in small teams to learn from each other and incorporate the knowledge and skills of participants from diverse backgrounds and industries. We will teach you how to apply Design Thinking for product improvement, service innovations, and business transformations.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program, you are will be able to

(1) Know the guiding principle, values, and 4-stage execution framework of the Design Thinking Method

(2) Enhance individual and team performance through customer-centered business models, products, services, and marketing campaigns

(3) Know 8 sets of Design Thinking techniques and tools (The exclusive tool templates will be provided)

(4) Realized 5 industrial best practices of Design Thinking (The industrial-based case studies of Hospitality, Retail, Banking, Tavel, and Transportation will be provided)

(4) Realize the innovation practices for business and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) aspects in different sectors (New for the 2023 Version)

(5) Predict the user emotional impact and business return of new products (or services) before launch to market (New for the 2023 Version)

(6) Understand the digitalized approaches (such as AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing) to complete the first round Design Thinking process in 4 working days (New for the 2023 Version)

Course Leader and Guest Speaker:

Mr. David Chung

Managing Partner, DesignThinkers Academy Hong Kong

Mr. Luke Chu

Chairman, Hong Kong Internet & eCommerce Association

Learning approach: Learning by Doing (Mini-lecture: 20% | Case study: 20% | Skill Practices: 50% | Self-Reflection: 10% )

Date & Time: 14 & 15 April | 20 & 22 July | 20 & 21 October (9:30 am to 5:30 pm)

Mode: Face-to-Face (The Lu+ Training Center, 3/F, LU Plaza, 2 Wing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.)

Tuition Fee: HK$6,500 (Early Bird | 1-month before the first lesson) | HK$7,000 (Standard Price)

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Download the Course Pamphlet of the DTA Hong Kong Region

**Online Registration**

The previous 18 public classes of the DTA Design Thinking Fundamentals course are list as below:

2022 (15th to 18th class): 20 Oct | 7 Jul | 26 Apr | 17 Mar

2021 (10th to 14th class): 2 Dec | 12 Oct | 19 Aug | 11 Mar | 16 Jan

2020 (5th to 9th class): 19 Nov | 19 Aug | 3 Jul | 13 May | 16 Jan

2019 (1st to 4th class): 2 Nov | 28 Sep | 26 Sep | 15 Aug

About DesignThinkers Academy Hong Kong:
DesignThinkers Academy (DTA) is a leading global Design Thinking (DT) training institute. It represents 25 countries and has developed over 75,000 Design Thinkers for hundreds of top-notch companies. DTA Hong Kong aims to provide a world-class innovation model with localized practices. Innoedge Consulting Limited is the major shareholder of DesignThinkers Hong Kong Limited, we operate the training services of DesignThinkers Academy in the Hong Kong region.