Summary of our successful case of an airline:



Background of client:

A major home-based airline in Hong Kong

Business Challenges:

To survive the competition from the budget airlines, even traditional airlines have to offer huge discount air-ticket, e.g., conditional $1 ticket, to retain passengers. However, such cut-throat strategies created severe profit drops and dragged the global airline industry into devastating price wars. Many well-known airlines go bankrupt because of this vicious cycle.

Challenge Statement of the Transformation Project:

How to create an impact and iconic customer experience for high-potential passenger segments

Types of Transformations: 

Service transformation

Duration of Project:

12 months

Strategies for Transforming Business & Resolving Challenges

Pioneered a series of passenger-centered services in the Asia aviation world and improved the customers’ experiences in check-in arrangements, in-flight celebrations, luggage protections, and lost & found.

Key Performance Indicator(s) of the Project:
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Passenger growth rate
Breakthrough Business Results

The satisfaction rate of the new services is almost 100%, and the passenger growth rate exceeded the industry average of 7.5%

International Recognition

We were invited by an international business journal, International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), to publish this successful transformation project with breakthrough business results in 2019.

For the details of our international publication of this case, please click the below link:

Our Contribution to the education sector

As one of the market leaders of Business Design Thinking in Hong Kong, it is our pleasure to contribute our case study on the Aviation Industry (Project title: Customer Experience Transformation in the Aviation Industry) in VTC IVE Business Design Thinking Casebook 2020.

Our Proven Track Record in other business Sectors

To maximize the ROI of transformations, we have helped enterprises to innovate their business models, products, and services to generate breakthrough results, including revenue, profit, market share, customer acquisition & retention, and employee engagement. To enhance the success rate of transformations, we have developed the best practices of Design Thinking and innovation management for 8 aspects: aviation, banking, hotel, insurance, retail, public transport, manufacturing, and community development.