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What is the Aim of this Course?

This course will equip you to Become an Influential Business Leader in the Digital Era, capable of Driving Sustained Business Growth through Service Innovation.

What is the Version of the Design Thinking method taught in the course?

Design Thinking 3.0, also known as Data-Driven Design Thinking.

Design Thinking 3.0 incorporates data management and digital technology into the traditional design thinking execution process, directly enhancing execution effectiveness and efficiency, enabling innovation projects in products and services to “More Accurately” target user needs and “More Quickly” complete the process from discovering needs to launching in the market. This model is more suitable for industries that “use large amounts of data to analyze user needs,” for example.

  • Finance: Analyzing transaction data, credit scores, etc., to assess risks and investment returns, offering more personalized financial products.
  • Retail: Analyzing consumer behavior data to understand shopping habits and preferences, enabling more accurate product recommendations and inventory management.
  • Healthcare: Analyzing patient medical data to predict disease risk and provide personalized medical services.
  • Internet: Analyzing online user behavior data to provide more personalized content recommendations and improve user experience.
  • Travel: Analyzing traveler data to provide more personalized travel plans and services.
  • Telecommunications: Analyzing user communication data to optimize network coverage and provide better communication services.
  • Education: Analyzing student learning data to provide more personalized learning content and guidance.
  • Real Estate: Analyzing market and individual data to provide more accurate market forecasts and investment advice.
  • Media and Advertising: Analyzing audience and reader behavior data to provide more precise ad targeting and content planning.
  • Logistics: Analyzing transportation and delivery data to optimize logistics routes and improve transportation efficiency.

The Forrester report points out that the results of the new generation of design thinking include a 43% increase in customer engagement, a 20% increase in customer experience, a reduction in product development time of up to 33%, and a 200% increase in the speed of product launch to market.

What Data-Driven Design Thinking and Service Innovation Matters?

Data-Driven Design thinking has spread worldwide after iconic digital enterprises (such as Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, BBVA, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Uber, and Google) created breakthrough business results. It uses data and an empathic understanding of end users to create meaningful experiences that enable clients to do what they do faster and better.

Data-driven design thinking and service innovation are not merely tools or methodologies. They represent a mindset, a way of thinking that places the customer at the center, values empirical evidence, and fosters continuous improvement and innovation. Embracing this mindset can lead to remarkable transformations in the way a business operates and how it delivers value to its customers, ultimately leading to long-term success.

When applied together, data-driven design thinking and service innovation lead to an approach that is both analytical and creative. This combination can drive significant transformation within an organization, creating a culture that values empirical evidence, customer centricity, continuous improvement, and innovation.

How does Data-Driven Design Thinking work?

Data-driven design thinking is an approach that combines the principles of design thinking with the power of data analytics. It involves using data to inform the design process to create products or services that are better tailored to the needs of users. It is a powerful approach that can help you create products or services that are better aligned with the needs of your users. By using data to inform every step of the design process, you can ensure that you are making data-driven decisions that will lead to better outcomes for your users. Read more…..

Program Overview and Objectives:

This program combines mini-lectures, case studies, tool practices, and a deep dive into the Know-How of Design Thinking methodology and Data Science. After the program, you will be able to

(1) Capture the Real-time, Measurable, and Quantitative pain points of your targeted customer segment(s), facilitating more accurate direction-setting for service innovation.
(2) Leverage digital technologies to develop compelling business strategies, transforming threats into opportunities with innovative services and further optimizing the value offered by your services.
(3) Integrate digital technologies (such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, and Digital Currency) to create a high-impact digital customer experience, applying these technologies in service innovation to offer superior customer experiences.
(4) Realize low-cost, high-fidelity, time-saving methods for prototyping with affordable digital technologies, allowing you to iterate quickly and optimize new service innovations.
(5) Master Change Leadership related to Policies, Processes, and People across four phases of digital transformation (Ignition, Lift-off, Launch, and Sustain), ensuring smooth implementation and continual improvement of service innovation.

Course Leader and Experts:

Mr. David Chung, Co-Founder of DesignThinkers Academy HK

Dr. Toa Charm, President of OpenCertHub Academy

Mr. Luke Chu, Chairman of HK Internet & eCommerce Association

Duration: 6-Session

Dates: 7 Oct (0930 to 1300), 7 Oct (1400 to 1730), 14 Oct (0930 to 1300), 14 Oct (1400 to 1730), 21 Oct (0930 to 1300) and 21 Oct (1400 to 1730)

Venue: Kwun Tong | Face-to-Face Training Mode

Tuition Fee: HK$7,000 (Super Early Bird | By 21 Aug) | HK$8,500 (Early Bird | By 8 Sep) | HK$9,000 (List Price)

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge or understanding of design thinking, data management, and digital technology is required for participants.

Online Registration: (9 Seat Left)


Course flyer: For the 14-page course flyer, Please click here

Introduction of Data-Driven Design Thinking Model

The webinar of 數據驅動的設計思維,更快更準實現創新成果 was held on 25 July 2023. You can learn the differentiation, case studies, data and digital practices from the video recording of the webinar.

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